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Papers and Articles Originating from the FABC Office of Social Communication for study and reflection but NOT for publication
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  1. Inter Mirifica 40 Years and Beyond
  2. From "Gaudium et Spes" to a "New Culture"
  3. Social Communication at the Asian Synod 1998
  4. Social Communication in Ecclesia in Asia and the recent FABC Documents (2000)
  5. On "Rapid Development" and the World Communication Day Message 2006
  6. Communication Theology
  7. Spirituality of the Christian Communicator
  8. Mission in Social Communication
  9. Social Communication in Christian Perspective
  10. The Communication Formation of Church leaders as a Holistic Concern
  11. Needs and Possibilities for Communication Education in Seminaries
  12. Globalization, Local Realities and Religious Communication
  13. Christian Communication Challenges of a 'New Culture'
  14. Texting God: SMS and Religion in the Philippines
  15. Building Digital Bridges: Considerations for ministry in the emerging communication landscape
  16. Critical De-Construction of Media Messages
  17. Social Communication and the Compendium of the Social Doctrine of the Church
  18. God Texting: Filipino Youth Response to Religious SMS
  19. Communio et Progressio, 40 Years: Commemorating the 'Magna Charta' of Church-Communication in Asian Perspective
  20. Religious Information and Practice in Cyberspace - Christianity in the Web
  21. Religious Practices in Cyberspace - The Web as Church
  22. Interculturality, Communication and the SVD
  23. Inter Mirifica after 50 years: Origin, Directions, Challenges
  24. FABC Spirituality 2013: The Communication Dimension
  25. Religion in Social Communication Perspective
  26. Mission and Social Communication in a New Culture
  27. UST Research Symposium: The Gospel in Digital Society: Asian Realities and Challenges (October 27, 2016) Contributions: