St. Joseph Freinademetz Communication Center, Inc.

Pastoral and Evangelizing Communication

Pastoral Communication, in the strict sense, is the communication dimension of ministry within the Church community (ad intra), whereas Evangelizing Communication is the communication beyond the Church (ad extra), to people who are not yet or anymore members of the Church or related to her in one way or another. Basically, a pastor has also a certain responsibility for the people outside his parish but the main concern is for the people “inside” the Church.

Pastoral Communication and Evangelizing Communication have different communicative concerns and needs, therefore, a separate treatment and study. Both, however, also have common grounds and concerns which include in a special way:

  1. Proper Communication Theology, which goes far beyond any “Theology of –“ or “Communicative” Theology.
  2. A Proper Communication Spirituality, characterized by openness to God, others and self.
  3. A Certain awareness of the Church’s teaching and practice of communication in the past and now
  4. An Awareness of the special contribution the Church could and should make to the broad field of communication like Communication Ethics, and Communication Formation (Education).
  5. The Awareness of the importance of the corporate image of the Christian community.