St. Joseph Freinademetz Communication Center, Inc.


At the turn of the millennium, the FABC Offices of Social Communication (OSC) and Education and Student Chaplaincy (OESC) jointly explored the possibilities for such a program and prepared it for the University of Santo Tomas, where OESC was then housed. The university agreed to open in their Graduate School an MA Theology program for Social/ Pastoral Communication which could be followed by doctoral studies. The program, designed by the FABC Office of Social Communication, began in the school year 2001/2002. Asian bishops expressed appreciation for the program and soon came a growing number of students – priests, religious sisters and lay people –from all over Asia.

In 2008, the program was linked with the Faculty of Sacred Theology of the university offering students with a Bachelor’s in Theology degree (BTh) or equivalent, the possibility of a Roman Licentiate (LTh) together with the MAT-SPC degree in the Graduate School. This means that qualified students write one thesis in the field of social/pastoral communication and acquires the two degrees.