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Prerequisite subjects: 6 units

GS 500 – St. Thomas on Critical Thinking
As the philosophical foundation of Research Methodology, it is a study of the principles of and skills in critical thinking of St. Thomas Aquinas in the three areas of mental cognition, simple apprehension, judgment and reasoning; and of common fallacies towards the acquisition of the art of argumentation.

GS 501 – Research Methodology
The student is introduced to research concepts relevant to theology. Discussions focus on how to prepare a thesis emphasizing choice of title, statement of the problem, sources of data, analysis and evaluation of information gathered among others. Course output is a thesis proposal based on the UST GS Thesis Writing Guide.

Core subjects: 9 units

MAT-SPC 606 – Introduction to Social Communication
The course introduces the concept of “social communication” as proposed by Vatican II for the Church’s involvement in communication. It outlines and discusses the different levels, ways, means and expressions of communication in society under theological perspective. (Textbook: Communicating in Community, An Introduction to Social Communication.")

MAT-SPC 607 – Church and Social Communication: Documents and Structures
This course introduces students to the official documents of the Church on social communication, their history, content and teaching. The documents and structures for communication are realized on the world, regional, national and diocesan levels. (Textbooks: “Communicating Church: Social Communication Documents,  An Introduction, 2nd Edition,” “Church & Social Communication Basic Documents 1936 - 2016, 3rd Edition.

MAT-SPC 608 & 609 – Communicating in Pastoral Ministry I & II
The course considers pastoral care as communication and help equip students with the basics of human and modern communication used in pastoral ministry. The means of communication in ministry and pastoral planning are considered, as well as the education for critical use of them (communication competence). (Textbook: “Communicating in Ministry and Mission: An Introduction to Pastoral and Evangelizing Communication”)

Major subjects: 15 units

MAT-SPC 701 – Communication Theology: An Introduction (mandatory major subject)
The course introduces a new approach to theology where communication is seen as a basic theological principle. Different fields of theology are studied under the perspective of God’s communication with humankind. (Textbook:“Communicatio Socialis Prints 1. Social Communication in Theological Perspective: Communication Theology by Anh Vu Ta and Franz-Josef Eilers, svd)

MAT-SPC 702 – Communicating Between Cultures: A Missiological Approach
This subject introduces students to the ways of communicating between people from different cultures considering others non-verbal and verbal communication, as well as the role of social structures, world views, values and the importance of intercultural communication for the Church. (Textbook: “Communicating Between Cultures: An Introduction to Intercultural Communication” 4th Edition)

MAT-SPC 703 – Faith in a Mass-Mediated Culture
The course engages students to reflect on the challenges for the Church by a culture which to quite extent is determined and partly created by modern means of communication. How can the Church employ these means for her mission in the world?

MAT-SPC 704 – Communication Trends in Religious Education
The course studies the relation between religious education and communication. Students will also reflect on making these concepts useful for the pastoral worker and evangelization that is relevant in today’s world.

MAT-SPC 705 – Faith and Film
This subject engages students in the art of reading films and teaches them how dialogue between theology and film is done.

MAT-SPC 706 – Religious Journalism
The course introduces into the basics of writing for newspapers, including online newspapers, in the service of the Church. Students are engaged in critical reflection of the pastoral responsibilities of the Church for journalists, and vice-versa.

MAT-SPC 707 – Church and Broadcasting
This subject is about the basics and possibilities of radio, television and video broadcasting for pastoral ministry. Students are also engaged in critical reflection of the possibilities of new, converging media of communication.

MAT-SPC 708 – Church and Public Communication/Relations
How does the Church related to the public and which image does she project to the people outside? Is it positive? How can she maintain and improve it? These are relevant questions answered in this course.

MAT-SPC 709 – Church and New Media
The course discusses modern communication technologies like the Internet, satellites, cable and their possibilities for the mission of the Church.

MAT-SPC 710 – Communicating in Missio Evangelizing Communication
The evangelizing mission of the Church has important communication dimensions. What are the communication needs and possibilities for the mission work of the Church? (Textbook: “Communicating in Ministry and Mission: An Introduction to Pastoral and Evangelizing Communication”)

Cognate subjects: 3 units
Any subject which has substantial bearing on the subject of the student’s thesis.

Other requirements:

WCE Written Comprehensive Examinations
TWI Thesis Proposal (3 units)
TWII Research Colloquium (3 units)
TWIII Thesis Defense (3 units)

Total: 42 units

For an additional Licentiate in Sacred Theology (LTh), 24 units must be taken from the UST Faculty of Sacred Theology, and at least 21 units to be taken from the UST Graduate School.

Common subjects: 12 units

CS 701 – Theological Developments from Vatican II to the Present
CS 702 – Continuing Values of Thomistic Theology
CS 703 – The Development of Dogma
CS 704 – Global Ethics
CS 705 – Theology of Prayer
CS 706 – The Interpretation of Scriptures
CS 707 – Special Questions in Old Testament Exegesis
CS 708 – Special Question in New Testament Exegesis
CS 709 – Historical Hermeneutics
CS 710 – History of the General Councils of the Church
CS 711 – Special Questions in Patristics
CS 712 – History of Theology in the East and West
CS 713 – Principles and Practice of Inculturation
CS 714 – Catechism of the Catholic Church
CS 715 – Theology of the Laity
CS 716 – Current Developments in Canon Law
CS 717 – General Mission History
CS 718 – Contemporary Mission Situation
CS 719 – Seminar

Elective subjects: 9 units (subjects under any of the following concentration or major)

Dogmatic Theology
Moral Theology
Biblical Studies
Oriental Religions and Culture
Church History

Major subject: 3 units

P. Th. 701 – The Scripture Themes of Liturgical Years A, B, C
P. Th. 702 – Theology of the Laity
P. Th. 703 – The Theology of Liberation and Basic Ecclesial Communities
P. Th. 704 – The Pastoral Care of People in the Charismatic Movement
P. Th. 705 – The Pastoral Care of Families and Migrant Workers
P. Th. 706 – The Pastoral Care of the Youth
P. Th. 708 – Current Developments in Canon Law
P. Th. 709 – The Parish as a Christian Community
P. Th. 710 – Post Vatican II Schools of Liturgy
P. Th. 711 – Health Care Ministry
P. Th. 712 – Pastoral Counselling
P. Th. 713 - Seminars