St. Joseph Freinademetz Communication Center, Inc.

Communication Theology

MAT-SPC is designed in such a way that it offers students insights into Communication Theology, Communication Spirituality, and the communication dimension of different pastoral ministries. It is not skills-oriented but rather tries to form and inform personal dispositions for proper communication in ministry, starting with interpersonal communication. Training and skills in media can be acquired in addition to the academic program according to the individual needs of the students.

The program is based on the proper understanding of Communication Theology, which sees the whole of theology under the perspective of communication, starting with the Communicating Trinitarian God who communicates with His people in Revelation and especially through His Son in Incarnation, when the Word became flesh and lived like one of us.

From here, it follows that the Church herself not only uses media or communication for her mission but is communication as Cardinal Avery Dulles points out. Through her existence and ministry, the Church continues the communication of the Trinitarian, Revealing, and Incarnating God into the here and now of every time and place.

For a “new way of being Church,” this means considering the communication dimension of a communion of communities, of a participatory Church and dialoguing, prophetic and witnessing Church.