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Application Procedure
  • Application for admission to the UST Graduate School is until October 15 for October enrollees, April 5 for Summer enrollees, and May 25 for June enrollees.
  • Application forms are available at the UST Graduate School, UST Admissions Office and at the UST Graduate School website:


  • Bachelor’s Degree in Higher Religious Studies, Theology, Religious Education or related courses with a general average of at least 2.0/ 85% or B.
  • Certified true copy of Transcript of Records, one (1) colored passport size, recent photo (if any), documents attesting to passing a Bar/Board exam, or being a scholar of any agency.
  • Two (2) Referral Forms: one (1) for the current, immediate superior or Dean, in the case of a school and the other, for the professor in one specialization (major) subject.

For Foreigners:

  • All of the above and TOEFL English Proficiency and Student Visa Requirements.