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JFCC Holds Communication Research Workshop

The “St. Joseph Freinademetz Communication Center” (JFCC) held a three-day “Basic Communication Research” workshop, which opened in the evening of May 6 and lasted until the morning of May 9, 2012. JFCC Board Member, Maria Stella Tirol of the University of the Philippines at Los Banos, facilitated the workshop.

Using lecture and practical exercises, Prof. Tirol guided the 16 participants through the communication research process, offering tips as she went through the different steps of writing academic research proposals. Those steps include wording the research title, formulating the research question, designing methodology, data analysis and writing the abstract.  

On the last day, several participants presented their own research proposals in capsule form. Each of them described the all-important title and research question of their study, as well as the objectives, research design, methodology, theoretical- and conceptual frameworks.

The participants were also given certificates of completion signed by Prof. Tirol and JFCC Director, Fr. Roberto Ebisa, svd. They included students of the MA Theology major in social/pastoral communication in UST Graduate School and program coordinators of Radio Veritas Asia.

Prof. Tirol serves as public affairs director of UPLB and professor in the university's College of Development Communication. She is also Board member of the "Asian Research Center for Religion & Social Communication" (ARC) in Bangkok. 060512

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