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Weekend Seminar-workshops on Pastoral Communication in 2016

St. Joseph Freinademetz Communication Center, Inc. (JFCC) will now offer pastoral communication seminar-workshops on weekends. Starting in January 2016, the first seminar-workshop on “Pastoral Communication: Investigating the Field” will open at 1pm on January 30 and close the following day, January 31 at 5pm with a possibility to extend for research in the specialized library with some 4,000 volumes on social communication. Succeeding seminar-workshops will be basically on the last weekends of the month.

JFCC opened in 2009 as a venue for communication formation and training. Seminar-workshops are on topics like Church approaches to social communication, Church documents and structures on pastoral communication, intercultural communication, communication theology, religious journalism, communication research, and youth and new media.